REV Nº 75

REV Nº 75

Enero - Febrero 2018

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A bubbly revolution

During the last decade, Chile made a great leap forward in sparkler production, making many terroirs from Limarí to Osorno explode and setting the framework for a category that still lacks a really distinctive attribute but even so bets on multiplication and surprise.


The revelations of 2017

Every year, new sparkling wines enter the scene with renewed freshness and emotion, from the desert in the north to the depths of the south, from the classic Champagne blend to daring eccentricities, from wines of great elegance to the most humble ones.


A bubbling affair

Over the past 5 years, global consumption of sparkling wines has increased by 26% in volume and 23% in value, leading bubblies to top demand growth.In Chile, this phenomenon has been even more noticeable,since sparkling wine consumption has soared by 70% in volume and 93% in value over the same period (2012-2016).


Sweetness in the right measure

New studies have identified the protein that produces sweetness and/or roundness sensations in wines aged on their lees, throwing new light on the differences between neutral yeast strains and those that produce a more pleasant mouthfeel. They have also clarified the effects of lees management and allowed new technologies for (autolyzed) yeast derivatives to produce gentler and friendlier wines.


Lomas Campesinas strikes again

Now in its third year, the Lomas Campesinas project unveils six wines made with grapes sourced from small properties located in the dry-farmed inlands of Maule and Itata and vinified by traditional winery winemakers. Since its inception, the project has involved 21 grape producers and 17 wineries, producing 17 labels that have fully met the objectives of the initiative: to produce quality wines while paying fair prices for grapes and tickling the wineries’ interest in these legacy cultivars.


A journey through the realm of glory

The event held every year in the city of Sydney is the place to be for the best wines of the New World that compete against each other for trophies and medals. The following pages tell the story of a humble aromatic wine from Itata that crossed the Pacific Ocean to play all or nothing.


OC Wines

With its brand Inicio, this family business is one of the few dedicated exclusively to the production of sparkling wines and is already receiving accolades.


Pairing bubbles

Yes, yes, yes, we have all heard it time and time again. Sparkling wines are made to pair with haute cuisine, to accompany oysters, foie gras, or truffles. I don’t know about you, but I can’t—nor do I want to—eat these delicacies every day. Could we, perhaps, take these wines down from their pedestal and serve them alongside dishes that aren’t so obviously high class? We certainly can.