About us

Sexto Sentido Comunicaciones

Sexto Sentido Comunicaciones specializes in editorial, media and advertising projects, organizes seminars and conventions, and designs communications and marketing strategies.

Sexto Sentido Comunicaciones owns and publishes VITIS Magazine, the only specialized monthly periodical covering the world of wine from a Chilean perspective. Edited in a bilingual format and with international circulation, VITIS Magazine covers the entire wine value chain, from viticultural issues to wine trade.

Sexto Sentido Comunicaciones relies on a top-level multidisciplinary team of professionals with vast experience in their various fields of expertise, including wine writers, journalists, commercial associates, graphic and industrial designers, translators and sommeliers, who put together creative, customized solutions to meet the needs of both private and public companies and organizations.

Our company structure allows us to build teams based on each client’s particular requirements, which also ensures low fixed costs and competitive services.

Our Team

Valentina Miranda Gaymer
Managing partner of Sexto Sentido Comunicaciones and Chief Editor of VITIS Magazine. Valentina is a journalist from Universidad Católica with vast experience in magazines, newspapers and editorial projects. A member of FIJEV (Federation Internationale de Journalistes et Ecrivains de Vins), she also provides advisory services to large local companies in various industries.

Eduardo Brethauer Roncagliolo
A journalist from Universidad de Viña del Mar with a degree in wine marketing from Universidad de Chile, Eduardo is a partner at Sexto Sentido Comunicaciones and wine editor at VITIS Magazine. He regularly attends wine competitions as a jury and is a contributing editor for several international media. He is also a member of FIJEV, the Circle of Wine Writers, and the Chilean Circle of Gastronomical Writers, thus enhancing the company’s dense network of contacts with wine journalists and writers around the world.

Bernardino Carreño Troncoso
Our area of graphic and industrial design is led by Bernardino, who has worked in major advertising agencies, where he has been in charge of campaigns and design magazines. In the industrial area, has been responsible for designing, manufacturing and putting up booths, stands and all the promotional and merchandising material necessary for large commercial projects for supermarket and drugstore chains, banking institutions, casinos, etc.

Jacqueline Jollan Vernal
As a publicist, our sales executive has worked in various companies, dedicating 15 years to the sale of advertising for magazines, radio and cable TV.

Luis Enrique Jara G.
Master of Arts in Humanities with a degree in English Language and Literature at Universidad de Chile. With formal studies of German, Russian and Mandarin Chinese, Enrique has native-speaker oral and writing skills in Spanish, English and French, and speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently. His experience as a professional translator includes wine-related and legal topics, economic policy and development, and social promotion and equality.

Carola Gajardo Gaymer
M.A. in Spanish, English and French Linguistics and Literature, Pg Dip in English-French Translation from Universidad Católica de Chile. Carola specializes in Spanish/French into English translation of legal, economic and financial texts. She is also an international consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and official UN translator for FAO and ILO, various local wineries and international organizations.

Cristián Miranda G.
With over 12 years of experience, Cristián steers the special events department and is responsible for organizing international seminars, projects, business roundtables along the country, as well as for coordinating advisory services for foreign businessmen.

Gonzalo Rojas Aguilera
Master of Arts in History and Humanities with a degree in Economic History from Universidad de Chile. Graduate Diploma in Economics and Human Development.
History and viticulture professor and researcher. The author of a number of specialized publications, he is currently a university professor, a writer and a critic of books related to the wine world.